Virginia or Her Dancing Eyes Ajar

The Chair. An everyday item, shaped for the body, a sense of embodiment, their arms, back and legs, and the feeling of absence/lack when empty.

I use them as a representation of the female, the ultimate in objectification. An extension of the idea that women are dehumanised, and seen as little more than a useful tool, or handy receptacle.

The history and cultural bias of the chair is also interesting. We come from a society that was always standing to one that always sits. Historically not necessarily to sit in, the chair was decoration. It was a status symbol, the Throne for the King. It was with Louis XV that gossiping women lounged on their chaise longue was a chair became a place of comfort. Comfortable drawing rooms decorated by women as they withdrew away from the men at the dinner table. Also culturally it is still a mark of a western society.

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