Too bright for our infirm Delight

Philosophy is a fundamental element in my practice. It springs out of the understanding of being to convey what is the meaning of it all. Through storytelling and image making humanity has communicated to each other, to understand ourselves, since the beginning of time. And so we continue.

Philosophy is like a stream flowing through the work, and like a stream it feeds into a river. The river feeds into an ocean and then it evaporates, becomes clouds and falls as rain into the streams. Everything is cyclical. Everything affects everything else. To address these enormously knotted issues and untangle them in one single exhibition is over ambitious. Each work, and show informs the next, learning and experimenting. Each time there is an ebb and flow, but they are reflections on the same things, sometimes, going deeper, sometimes quite shallow.

Philosophy and Ontology has changed and expanded along with scientific knowledge. As scientific paradigms change so do philosophical, sociological and political paradigms. From the flat Earth as the centre of the universe, to the enlightenment. The modern and post-modern world. Scientific model, history is not dead, painting is not dead.