My Mind

The purpose of Frolic/Freeze at Articulate is an interweaving of artists, week in week out. Working with Dell Walker’s Negative Spaces Interrupted, which consisted of polystyrene packaging held in place through friction and gravity. The negative space filled with the styrofoam far outlives any product and epitomises the tipping point for the planet.

I used images from the corners I had produced four out of the corner of your eye, and projected them onto Dell’s polystyrene. A tangible visualisation of empty space. A confusion of angles. A place filled. It suggests the feminism of Luce Irigary, mother earth, the female, empty. That men feel they need to fill up. As this was a projection the audience walked through, we are all part of the space, all people get to fill the emptiness.

Articulate Frolic/Freeze

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