“Sarah’s subtle and beautiful works are thought provoking. She deconstructs our relationship with space. She explores the feminine in domestic space without relying on sexualised imagery. The implicit political nature of her work and how it has a nuanced exploration of psycho geographical features complicated and fascinating ideas in a sensitive subtle and beautiful aesthetic”

Woodward is a post disciplinary artist; she delights in sharing her rare and particular perspective. Having always created art, but with diverse work and academic background there is a burden of knowledge and experience that come through in her work.

Woodward has been shortlisted for the Blake Prize 2018, Lethbridge Landscape Prize 2022 and chosen for the Clyde&Co Art Award. Verge Award Prize Winner in 2015 and 2016

This is an experimental area where Sarah is exploring her work and ideas, please feel free to comment

Artistic Practice is a relationship. (An ongoin poem)

I consume information, ideas, philosophy. I remember devouring Gaston Bachelard Poetry of Space, I couldn’t stop gorging my eyeballs, I was walking around with my family, supposed to be playing with my children, but I just kept reading and regurgitating these words.

This information, all the ideas, and so many, so mixed up are like compost, they feed my process, they make up everything that goes into the work. Broken eggshells, and parsnip peelings, coffee grounds and kiwi skins.

Julia Margret Cameron was this young girls heroine. Her life, an ability to ignore expectations. To follow her own road, regardless of when she started, what sex she was, she just kept going, head down and pedal. Her own road, her own unique aesthetic, leading the way.