Made and first shown for Undergarments, a group show at 107 Project.

Cycle is an installation made with used white bed sheets, crocheted into abstract forms and adorned with mooncups. Old and worn sheets used to be torn and made into pads as menstrual protection. Now latex menstrual cups are the new reusable form of sanitary products. Recycling instead of throwing away is nothing new, if anything disposable products have only come about in the late twentieth century. The calm white makes it a contemplative piece, which also evokes ideas of purity and virginity, contrasted on closer inspection by the tones of grey in the worn sheets. This is a subversive method of discussing menstruation, a subject that gets closed down because it is seen as disgusting. There has always been a problem with women bleeding, yet it is a vital part of human biology. The structures suggest different types of menstrual cycles regular and irregular, heavy or light. When people are stopped from discussing intimate issues, like menstruation and reproduction it can cause serious health conditions to go unattended. This work engages the viewer in a conversation that they should have but would not choose to.

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