Artist Statement

I am Sarah Woodward a post disciplinary artist focusing on photographic/multi-media/installation and based in Sydney.

As an artist I want to share my perceptions of the world, like a child who stops to watch the ladybird, or who marvels at the rainbow on the wall when the window refracts the light.

The artwork plays with perception and perspective to represent my ontological enquiry. I use questions of reality and dimension to understand what we see, and how that represents us.

My medium is an extension of the lens, creating collage, diorama or installation which is then documented and reproduced. These create beautiful, mystical, thought provoking pieces. The photographs are painterly. There is a solid base in the domestic domain, and the female space.

Relationships are the most fundamental part of my work. The relationship created between me, the work, and the audience. We are co-dependent, and influence each other’s existence. I reflect this with the use of light. An object cannot be seen without the light, and the light changes how it is understood, though these effects are barely perceived, they can change everything. Inspired by the beauty and strength in the everyday. Remembering and reminding to stop and breathe and reflect on our perceptions, and how who we are can affect that.

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