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In_Situ  Continues


Both philosophy and art are a reflection of the world and it is vital to constantly reawaken our understanding of this place and our role in it.


As things change, they also stay the same.

Human nature and fears remain the same. Trying to understand the world around us and ourselves in it. The fear of the shadows and the unknown. From caves and clearings in the woods, to technology. Art echoes philosophy, and philosophers, from Plato to Heidegger, through Kant, Baudrillard and Foucault have used art and imagery as metaphor. Continues explores this well-trodden path, following greater artists, into a new clearing of social media.


In a cave humanity is trapped in a sunless space and shown shadows which represent reality, a symbol. We see the shadows and make assumptions. Understanding the world around us, naming the things brings us together, even in this dark space, brings joy. But if we escape, we are blinded by the light. Slowly as our eyes adjust, we can understand that we have been chained. Fooled by the representations and can now see the reality. On return to the cave to share the truth, we are just as blinded.


On a walk in the woods, there is a clearing. The open and empty space helps us recognise the surrounding world. The way in which we see this world is dependent on who we are. Views change depending on where we stand, how the sun shines dictates how the shadows are cast. We often swing between remembering to look, that our viewpoints are different, and falling into forgetting.  An aesthetic experience of being caught reality and symbols of reality.


There is power in knowing the world and how we work within it. Part of understanding is the language used. Language and symbols change meaning over time, the emphasis falters. That is why we need to keep coming out of the cave, and find the clearing, to recognise the authentic. Analysing the different viewpoints, the focus continuously wavers between illusion and reality.


Entering building 28, the space In_Situ and the work Continues. Whether the first time or every day to go to class, the space demands examination. What was there before, how does it relate to what is there now. How to understand the aesthetic changes. A simple space that is complicated and confusing